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Over at the Ultimate Dallas website, they have a new interview with DALLAS showrunner Cynthia Cidre and Mike Robin regarding the progression of season three in light of the death of Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) and the upcoming episode J.R.’s Masterpiece set to air Monday at 9:00. They are setting up both the episode and the the end of season two with a glimpse to a possible season three. I’ll include the link to the full article in the blockquote, but I’m only going to provide the portions that pertain to Mitch here. May I say I’m enthralled by by what they said about Mitch and Judith Light (Judith Brown Ryland). They cite a possible spin-off that would just thrill me to no end.

We have obviously been intrigued by the dark story going on with Harris and his mother, who has been portrayed amazingly by Judith Light this season.

Cynthia – Isn’t she fabulous?

UD – Oh she is.

Mike – And Mitch is amazing is that role.

Cynthia – Those two, they deserve their own spin-off. I love them so much. I can watch a cut thirty times and be pretty sick of it but I’m never sick of watching those two together, they are so much fun.

UD – Was it the plan to set the Ryland’s up as a 21st century rival family for the Ewing’s?

Cynthia – When we cast Mitch he was so good that we had to bring him back obviously for season two and I had always had in the back of my mind a mother for him who was worse than he. Even from season one I knew we would be looking for a mother and I had seen Judith Light playing that very hard judge in Law and Order over the years. I just knew that she could do that, that she would be perfect for it. They were better than we imagined in our wildest dreams together. They are just so much fun, they are such professional actors and they are so talented. It isn’t so much that it was like the Barnes/Ewing feud, it isn’t that. It comes from Harris Ryland having been in love with this woman, Ann, and his mother interfering. It’s less about land and money; it was not the plan to make them the new Barnes.


I would so tune in to watch The Rylands of Dallas (my title not theirs). They could possibly bring in a new love interest for Harris in the form or ohhhhh, I don’t know……Tamara Braun my all time favourite actress for Mitch. Or they could make her a daughter Harris had with someone else or with Judith. Sort of American Gothic.

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According to Cynthia Cidre the Executive Producer of DALLAS there were some things left on the cutting room floor of the finale, including another scene with Harris. Here’s what Cidre had to say as well as a hint as to what is going to happen regarding this storyline, specifically, the daughter Ann (Brenda Strong) has is indeed Harris’. This hopefully will provide more for Mitch next season.

TV Guide Magazine: There was a scene shot for the finale with Ann’s ex-husband, Harris Ryland, phoning their daughter, who was kidnapped as a baby, to tell her it was time she met her mother. But you cut that scene out. Why?
Cidre: First of all, it didn’t have a strong enough build-up for what a [powerful] reveal it was, so it felt kind of lame. But way more importantly, I want to reveal that in Season 2. Why give it up at the end of Season 1? So we’ll be going there big time when we return.

TV Guide Magazine: So this girl will be a major character next year and could possibly be a love interest for the boys?
Cidre: Yes. Her name is Emma. And we’re hoping she’s a blonde because for some reason, a lot of people have been confused by [brunettes] Elena and Rebecca.


The daughter’s name is Emma. I would have loved to have seen my girl Tamara Braun play this part, but she just got a long-term gig on the show NECESSARY ROUGHNESS where she’s scheduled to play the little sister of the lead character. Damn, there goes my dream of ever having Mitch and Tamara work together. And Tamara’s a blonde too.

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My apologies for not having this up last night. My mother is in the hospital and I’ve been going there to stay with her during her time after surgery.

So, do we like Harris yet? I know I did from the start. Damn that Bobby (Patrick Duffy) for smacking our guy. I really would love to see Harris get in a good one. What a guy for giving Bobby the envelope on Ann (Brenda Strong). Brenda Strong has said we’ll find out what Ann’s secret is in season two. I can hardly wait. We know there was a child involved so I’m hoping we get to see a daughter enter the scene belonging to Ann and Harris. I know who I’d like to see cast. I personally think a good fit would be Emmy Award Winning actress Tamara Braun. She would really look a lot like Mitch and well, I said so.


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