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I have one image of Mitch from the DALLAS season two premiere episode. Or should I say, I’ve got a back of the head shot of him. The image is from a trailer featured on the official Dallas TNT site. In the photo is also Julie Gonzalo who plays Rebecca Sutter Ewing in the show. We see it is Mitch because who could miss that bald pate of his? I know I couldn’t.

Mitch Pileggi returns as trucking magnate Harrison Ryland in the second season of 'DALLAS' airing on TNT on Monday nights this January 2013. Also featured is Julie Gonzalo as Rebecca Sutter Ewing.

Posted by: mitch pileggi online

I’m bummed. I really hoped Harris was going to get some from his ex. I sometimes hate previews since they don’t usually manifest what the mind conjures. I really was hoping we’d get to see Mitch in a solid love scene replete with desk clearing and skin baring. The man is a veritable god and those clothes need to be off that bod. Here’s hoping with Ann (Brenda Strong) not buying him, that Rebecca Ewing (Julie Gonzalo) and Harris hook up to get those Ewings. Heck, throw in John Ross (Josh Henderson), he seems to be ripe for revenge on Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster). Also I’d love it if Harris claimed the twins Rebecca is now carrying. Yep, that would make me happy. I’m Team Harris, Team Rebecca and Team John Ross all the way. Here’s to Team Revenge. And what’s with all the smacking of our guy. This time blood was drawn. Enough is enough already. Leave that finery alone.

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