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One word: PROBATION?!!!! After shooting a man at point blank range and all Ann (Brenda Strong) gets is probation? Figures it is Texas justice. I’m truly hoping in the episodes to come Harris finally figures out what Mama Ryland (Judith Light) has been doing. I want Mitch to be able to start to show his human side as Harris. Yeah playing the bad guy is no doubt fun, but even JR (Larry Hagman) had a softer side…we didn’t often know which that was, but it was there. Harris could easily become a caricature if they don’t soften the edges just a bit. Here’s hoping at least. Mitch as always was great. Can he be anything else but?


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So sorry this post is late. I had a family issue crop up and it couldn’t be avoided. Also I had trouble with the clip. It just wasn’t working properly and likely still isn’t. My apologies. That being said, gosh that episode went quickly. I almost got whiplash with the amount of twists and turns particularly in how Ann (Brenda Strong) confessed to shooting Harris. Again, Judith Light as Harris’ mother was just just amazing. I love seeing this woman twist a scene and make it something else. I tweeted @EmmaBell17 about how cool it is to be Mitch Pileggi’s daughter. She said “Pretty friggin cool.” How cool is she? I was also glad Mitch and Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) were at least in the same scene together. Considering how much menace Morrissey brought to JR in that asylum it was good to see JR seeing what kind of a “menace” Harris Ryland is becoming to his family, particularly to baby brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy). All in all a great episode centred around our guy Mitch. I couldn’t be happier.


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With season two of DALLAS about to dawn, I was looking for something to post about it. I found this on Youtube. It’s a tribute Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) paid to her long time on-screen hubby Larry Hagman as the indomitable JR Ewing. It’s really touching how she explains her relationship with Hagman. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m going to miss Hagman. He brought such an air of fun to the character of JR and never more since the debut of the new series. He’ll be missed.

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On behalf of ARTISAN I’d like to offer condolences to the family of Larry Hagman who played the part of the iconic J.R. Ewing on DALLAS from 1977-1991 and again in the current 2012 version. Larry has been a part of television history for so long I cannot remember a time when he wasn’t with his role as J.R. and that of Major Anthony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie, Mr. Hagman cemented his place in our hearts and minds. To Larry’s family and to his on-screen family, I wish to say how heartsick I am at his passing.

Television icon Larry Hagman passes away at 81. Hagman was famous for his role as J.R. Ewing on the show 'Dallas.'

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It’s been announced that DALLAS‘s season one will get a DVD release. Details are below:

Dallas – The Ewings are Back In Business: Season 1 DVD for the New 2012 Show!

'Dallas' season one dvd to be released on 12 January 2013. The landmark TV drama continues with a whole new generation, as JR’s (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen’s (Linda Gray) son, John Ross (Josh Henderson), locks horns with Bobby’s (Patrick Duffy) adopted son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe)…proving that in Texas, oil is still thicker than blood. Both families want control of the coveted Southfork family estate. With JR’s cunning guidance, John Ross is determined to drill it, while Christopher – backed by Bobby – searches for alternative fuels, and plans to donate Southfork to a conservatory. It’s a battle without limits, whether it means stealing another man’s money, loyalty, girlfriend or wife…leaving just one question: Whose side are you on?

TNT’s 2012 dramatic re-launch/continuation of the Ewing family’s story comes to DVD on January 8th with Dallas – The Complete 1st Season. Yes, this starts the season-set count all over again from the beginning with a new show, and new cast members…but the same ol’ J.R. and Bobby! Sue Ellen is back, too, but Bobby’s got a new lady he’s looking toward: Ann, played by Jesse Metcalfe’s former Desperate Housewives cast-mate, Brenda Strong.

Other familiar faces in the new show include regular cast members like Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious film franchise, As The World Turns) and Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files, Sons of Anarchy). Plus recurring guests in the form of veteran Dallas cast members Charlene Tilton (“Lucy Ewing”), Steve Kanaly (“Ray Krebbs”), and Ken Kercheval (“Cliff Barnes”)!

The 3-DVD set with the first 10 episodes will cost $39.98 SRP, and includes a nice list of extras outlined immediately below. Amazon isn’t taking pre-orders just yet, but they do have a listing for the title which you can find at the button link further down; just check back with that link to see when the purchasing goes “live” (it should be fairly soon!). Under that is the package art – front and rear – for this title:

  • Southfork Legacy: Making Dallas Season 1 – Cast and creators discuss bringing the new Dallas back to TV.
  • Oil and Water: A Family Tradition – The drama continues with the new cast joining the original cast to discuss enduring appeal of the Ewings.
  • Back in Production – Go behind the scenes of the first day on set with the two JRs: Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman.
  • Dressing Dallas – Costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin reveals the new wardrobe for Dallas.
  • Who Shot JR? – Larry Hagman and other cast members reminisce about one of the most memorable storylines from the original Dallas.
  • Ewing Family Love Oak – Brenda Strong takes us behind the scenes to learn about the Love Oak and what it means to the new Dallas.
  • Pilot Commentary – Audio Commentary with Executive Producer & Writer Cynthia Cidre and Executive Producer & Director Michael Robin.
  • Deleted Scenes


You can pre-order your copy through Amazon by clicking on the dvd cover above.

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