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My apologies for not having this up before now, but I’ve been dealing with computer problems and personal issues that prevented my from being able to post these on Monday. I’m going to be getting my new computer by Friday that should mean I’ll be able to do things faster. Hopefully.

Onto the show. Mitch is such a talented actor but my golly Harris is just plain EVULL. Even Hoarce Pinker wasn’t this bad. Having Drew (Kuno Becker) beaten up and the result shown to Emma (Emma Bell) was just this side of, well, EVULL. Harris’ alliance with the new governor played by Steven Weber just shows how much he wants to bring the Ewings down. I’m wondering if Mitch called William B. Davis (Cancer Man, THE X-FILES) to get some pointers. My only hope is they haven’t written Harris into a corner. I was truly hoping they’d begin to make Harris a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Meaning begin to soften the corners after having Judith (Judith Light) committed. Perhaps see what made him do the things he did. I’m wondering if it’s more a case of when the cat’s away, the mice….. Well you know what I mean.

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Here finally is the clip and screencaps for the last episode. So sorry these are a day late. I’ve been having computer problems that are a major pain in the you-know-where. I’m hoping you liked Harris’ finally getting the better of Judith. It was about time. I’d almost hazard to say Harris is an abused child judging by the way he was almost obsequious to her. I did love the final scene with Harris and Emma (Emma Bell). I think we might start to see a different Harris in the four remaining episodes. Which by the way the next two weeks are going to be double headers. Just thought I’d give you the heads up.


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Well things certainly look pretty bad for our Harris doesn’t it? First he’s allied himself with Cliff (Ken Kercheval) and then is disowned by Mama Ryland. It still looks like harris is a man who feels guilt for what he does. There were several scenes where I distinctly felt Harris was feeling like he was getting in over his head. His deal with Cliff looks like a deal with the devil himself. I’m hoping it does come out Harris was abused by his mother. That would make him a very complex character and Mitch is playing him to perfection.


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Here is the promo for the next episode of DALLAS. Looks like Harris is going to be joining Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) in taking down the Ewings. Also looks like we’re seeing the end, for now, of Judith Light as Judith Brown Ryland. Her eight episodes have come to an end. Too bad we won’t be seeing anymore of those electric scenes she and Mitch have given us. The door has been left open for her return. I can hardly wait.

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Over at the Ultimate Dallas website, they have a new interview with DALLAS showrunner Cynthia Cidre and Mike Robin regarding the progression of season three in light of the death of Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) and the upcoming episode J.R.’s Masterpiece set to air Monday at 9:00. They are setting up both the episode and the the end of season two with a glimpse to a possible season three. I’ll include the link to the full article in the blockquote, but I’m only going to provide the portions that pertain to Mitch here. May I say I’m enthralled by by what they said about Mitch and Judith Light (Judith Brown Ryland). They cite a possible spin-off that would just thrill me to no end.

We have obviously been intrigued by the dark story going on with Harris and his mother, who has been portrayed amazingly by Judith Light this season.

Cynthia – Isn’t she fabulous?

UD – Oh she is.

Mike – And Mitch is amazing is that role.

Cynthia – Those two, they deserve their own spin-off. I love them so much. I can watch a cut thirty times and be pretty sick of it but I’m never sick of watching those two together, they are so much fun.

UD – Was it the plan to set the Ryland’s up as a 21st century rival family for the Ewing’s?

Cynthia – When we cast Mitch he was so good that we had to bring him back obviously for season two and I had always had in the back of my mind a mother for him who was worse than he. Even from season one I knew we would be looking for a mother and I had seen Judith Light playing that very hard judge in Law and Order over the years. I just knew that she could do that, that she would be perfect for it. They were better than we imagined in our wildest dreams together. They are just so much fun, they are such professional actors and they are so talented. It isn’t so much that it was like the Barnes/Ewing feud, it isn’t that. It comes from Harris Ryland having been in love with this woman, Ann, and his mother interfering. It’s less about land and money; it was not the plan to make them the new Barnes.


I would so tune in to watch The Rylands of Dallas (my title not theirs). They could possibly bring in a new love interest for Harris in the form or ohhhhh, I don’t know……Tamara Braun my all time favourite actress for Mitch. Or they could make her a daughter Harris had with someone else or with Judith. Sort of American Gothic.

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