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I’ve finally clipped up Mitch’s scenes in the wonderful film, MAN IN THE CHAIR where he played Floyd, the step father of the main character. The film was beautiful and starred legendary Canadian actor Christopher Plummer as the titular character, former director Flash Madden. A former big name in Hollywood’s golden age whose films spurred the young Cameron Kincaid (Michael Angarano) to want to make a documentary on the conditions inside America’s Homes for the Elderly. Floyd, Mitch’s character, doesn’t think much of his stepson, of which the feelings are returned. It isn’t untl Flash intervenes that Floyd softens. As you’ll see from the clip, Mitch is only in about fifteen minutes of the film, but his scenes are pivotal as well as very well acted. This is one of my favourite Mitch performances.

One note: I had already screencapped Mitch’s scenes and uploaded them to the gallery, but when watching this film on the Canadian Sundance Channel (Chrsitopher Plummer and Cancon rules), I noticed I left out the all important end scene. So there have been about 75 screencaps added to the already bloated 1200+ in the gallery for the film Ah well, it’s Mitch.

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