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It’s been reported that Mitch will attend the IBG Charity Conversation Series. Here is the official press release:

This series brings together fans and some of the most successful producers, directors, writers and actors working today. The one hour Los Angeles-based event consists of both moderated discussion and open floor questions. In an effort to promote discussion and create a unique atmosphere for our guests, only 50 tickets will be made available for each event [advanced tickets will be made available through the “Friends of IBG” program]. Proceeds from each session will be donated to a charity chosen by the participating speaker. Check back soon for dates and other information, including the list of participating speakers, for the 2010-2011 Charity Conversation Series.

COMING SPRING 2011 – IBG is thrilled to announce that actor Mitch Pileggi [The X-Files, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Grey’s Anatomy] has joined IBG’s spring Conversation Series [date to be determined closer to the event]. Please check out CEO Danielle Turchiano announcing the event below:

This event doesn’t happen until 2011, but I’m sure we’ll all keep our heads up and eyes open as the final date is announced.

Special thanks to Sarah, listmom @ MITCH PICS @ YAHOOGROUPS for the information.

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