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According to TVOVERMIND, Mitch is to return to GREY’S ANATOMY as Dr. Larry Jennings in part two of the season eight premiere. Information for this episode follows:

Episode 8.02 “She’s Gone” (10:00-11:00 p.m.): Meredith and Derek’s relationship is currently unsteady after recent events and when news of this makes its way to Zola’s adoption counselor, she wonders whether going through with the adoption is a good idea. Alex is punished for ratting out Meredith when the rest of the group outcasts him for being a snitch. Teddy is alarmed when Chief Webber asks Henry to come in for a last minute surgery and Cristina is forced to make a tough decision about her pregnancy.

Guest stars for this episode includes: Mackenzie Astin as Danny, Amy Price-Francis as Susannah, Scott Foley as Henry, and Mitch Pileggi as Larry Jennings.

As usual, I’ll have Mitch’s episode up probably the day after it airs.

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