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Finally, some news about where Harris Ryland is going in the second half of season three. Unfortunately, it’s not where I was hoping he would go. Cynthia Cidre apparently likes bad guy Harris instead of complicated Harris. Read on.

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Harris will return to his old ways. Fans have gotten to see a bit of a nicer side to Harris as of late, but don’t expect that to stick. “I was challenged at the end of season one because he was such a scumbag with Ann,” Cidre said. “And I said, ‘I bet you we can rehabilitate him.’ And everybody said, ‘You can’t do that,’ and I said, ‘Watch. We’re going to make his mother worse.’ And so we brought in Judith [Light]. And she rehabilitated him and then we made him part of the CIA, so we sort of got him halfway there and you see that he really cared about her and that there’s a lot that went wrong because of his mother. But Mitch [Pileggi] is so good at playing bad that believe me, by the time we’re done, we’ll be back there again.”


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Sorry these are…well, you know. It seems I’m always saying that. Can’t help it, I’m Canadian. So what did we think of the mid-season finale? Some interesting stuff there between Mama Ryland (Judith Light) and Annie Ewing (Brenda Strong). And that kiss right in clear view of Mama. Okay so she was looking out the window at the time it happened. Still we just know she’s going to go ballistic with Harris over it, or she’s going to go into stealth mode and do her worst there. Either way both Harris and Annie had better watch their collective. I’m also trying to remember the last time Mitch had a kiss with someone. I think it was Amy Gumenick (Mary Campbell) on SUPERNATURAL way back in the fourth season. I do not recall him having any kissing scenes as Caldwell on STARGATE: ATLANTIS or as Darby on SONS OF ANARCHY. Please Cynthia Cidre do not backtrack on this. Give Harris some kind of a heart and write him as more shades of gray…and I’m not talking Christian. Below a picture of the liplock.


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I’m sorry for not having gotten to this before, but I got slightly distracted when I uploaded the screencaps for the last three episodes of DALLAS. Sorry for being behind but life happens. We’re approaching the season three mid-season cliffhanger. I really do wish they wouldn’t do this. Either premiere the show in January and air all fifteen episodes together or don’t start the show till summer. But then no one asked me a guess. I’ve included Harris’ text to Candace (Jude Demorest) considering Mitch wasn’t in the episode physically. Anyway here are the screencaps. Enjoy. The featured photo below is of Harris’ text message to poor Candace.

  • [920] SCREENCAPS: DALLAS – E3X05 D.T.R.

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As you’ve noticed we’re back online! I hope that never happens again. I’ve been sick with the thought of this site going off even for the short time it was. This is one of my favourite sites and the fact I wasn’t able to keep it on was making me anxious. Quite frankly I was a bit surprised it stayed on for a week past the original cut off. Not that I’m complaining. So now anxiety attack over, I’ve got some business to see to. I’ve tweeted Mitch several times during his live tweeting sessions with DALLAS, and to his generosity he’s answered me back. Well yesterday during our brief hiatus I noticed Mitch tweeted something to do with No Kid Hungry :: Share Our Strength, a cause Mitch believes in strongly. I remember when Mitch did his conversation with IBG a while back and he mentioned in a video I’ll include below that ticket sales to the discussion went to this particular cause. Why? According to Mitch, he said the United States gives tons of money to countries overseas that are not necessarily nice to its benefactors. It’s nice to see money going to causes within the United States that will help to take care of those kids who all too frequently, go to school hungry or are on the streets needing food. Since I live in Canada I’m going to include the link here for Mitch’s Canadian fans to give to local causes dedicated to the same thing. One of those causes is Food Banks Canada. I know there seems to be a malaise with regards to giving to charities, but with the proclivity these days of both the United States and Canadian governments making massive cuts to child food programs, it’s necessary for things like No Kid Hungry and Canadian Food Banks to ask for donations to keep their doors open. You can make a monetary donation or with the Canadian Food Banks you can go to any local place and take your non-perishable food items there personally. I hope you’ll consider this as an option since it is vital to keep our children fed and healthy. For the link to No Kid Hungry, check the sidebar in the “Mitch Zone” and click on it to go to the main site. There you can click the DONATE button. Thanks for listening. And I’m so glad to be back.

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A really good episode last night full of Mitch. I am so beyond delighted it was he who largely propelled the action, not to forget how Harris more or less got the better of that pup John Ross (Josh Henderson). Looks like daughter dearest is in deep doo doo. I loved the scene where Judith (Judith Light) handed her cane off to sonny boy. Best scene in the episode other than Mitch eating what he said were Chilaquiles. I gotta try me some. They looked good.

A small note on what is going to be happening as of tomorrow night. That’s my guess as to when the lights are going to be shut off. Unless I get a good many donations before tomorrow, the site will be going dark likely tomorrow night. This will be the last post until the 29th of March. On that date I will be posting the next episode that will air on the 25th. I’m sorry to have to be doing this but circumstances are such that I couldn’t help it. Believe me I’m totally sick about this happening. I love this site and would love to have been able to avoid this, but the good news is we will be back. Please don’t hesitate to return.


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