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I know there isn’t a lot of news to report about the filming of season three of DALLAS or what Mitch’s part will be in it as our smarmy Harris Ryland played so salaciously by Mitch, but I do have some HQ stills from seasons one and two. Please enjoy seeing our guy getting all up in Annie (Brenda Strong), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Cliff Barnes’ (Ken Kercheval) faces. I know I do.



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According to the Twitter feeds of Brenda Strong (Ann Ewing), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing) and Julie Gonzalo (Pamela Rebecca Ewing), season three has begun filming on the show. No word on if Mitch was there, but we’re hoping we’ll find out soon.

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As promised, here is the media for the final two episodes of season two of DALLAS. I still don’t know what to make out of the finale. I was hoping Cythia Cidre wouldn’t go full hog on making Harris a full blown villain. Certainly the way Mitch was playing so much subtext. I was also hoping with Judith (Judith Light) out of the picture, we’d see more of Harris’ backbone in terms of how he conducted himself. And can I say how absolutely I hate with a passion Emma and Ann (Emma Bell and Brenda Strong). I just wanted to smack the smirk off of her face in the jailhouse scene. What bothers me is that Ann was convicted of attempted murder of Harris, yet who is the one in prison? Yeah, so what. Harris was doing illegal stuff, but I really don’t think Cidre has thought this through. She’s sort of taken the punch out of the character with him being so easy to manipulate and in a way, fall. Though Cidre in a just released interview stated this:

Keck’s Exclusives: Dallas Finale Burning Questions

TV Guide Magazine: What is in Ryland’s briefcase that Emma stole for John Ross?
Cidre: We have discussed that ad nauseum and have a lot of ideas. There is a lot of fun stuff in there.

TV Guide Magazine: Are Cliff, Ryland and Drew all gone from the show?
Cidre: Oh gosh, no.

TV Guide Magazine: What are you being told about a third season?
Cidre: Nothing except, ‘Hang in there; we love you.’

TV Guide Magazine: Why is the decision taking so damn long?
Cidre: There are some TNT negotiations. I don’t think it’s personal. They couldn’t be nicer to us.

TV Guide Magazine: What are you hoping to explore in a third season?
Cidre: Obviously the Elena/Joaquin relationship. John Ross and Pamela’s marriage. John Ross/Emma. Emma/Judith. Judith/Ryland. Christopher without Elena.

TV Guide Magazine: Any new characters you’re conceptualizing?
Cidre: Ann has to have relatives we haven’t met yet. She may have a brother.


While she may have Harris in her future plans for DALLAS, I don’t see how she can strip away the taint that is on the character. My hope was he be above the Ewing/Barnes feud. For the most part Bobby (Patrick Duffy) framed an innocent man of murder, yet Harris gets shot and cannot get a win against the Ewings. And I mean seriously, did they have to redo Mitch as Hoarce Pinker in SHOCKER? Enough bitching.

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Ultimate Dallas has an interview with Brenda Strong who plays Ann Ryland Ewing where she talks about Mitch as Harris. Here’s the pertinent portion.

Ultimate Dallas: The Rylands are obviously very dark and twisted and played brilliantly. How has it been working with Mitch (Pileggi), Judith (Light), and Emma (Bell)?

Brenda Strong: What’s so fortunate is that we have three very extraordinary actors in these three walls of the Rylands, always around between Harris, Judith, and Emma. Their chemistry—you can’t make up. It just occurs between all three of them as individual actors and also as a group. It’s just delicious. That’s the best word I can describe is that everyone is bringing their game, feeding off of each other, and having the time of their life playing these archetypical but not atypical roles. It’s really a pleasure to work with all three of them.


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One word: PROBATION?!!!! After shooting a man at point blank range and all Ann (Brenda Strong) gets is probation? Figures it is Texas justice. I’m truly hoping in the episodes to come Harris finally figures out what Mama Ryland (Judith Light) has been doing. I want Mitch to be able to start to show his human side as Harris. Yeah playing the bad guy is no doubt fun, but even JR (Larry Hagman) had a softer side…we didn’t often know which that was, but it was there. Harris could easily become a caricature if they don’t soften the edges just a bit. Here’s hoping at least. Mitch as always was great. Can he be anything else but?


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