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Okay, so while I was watching the repeat of SUPERNATURAL‘s episode 6X10 – Caged Heat on the WB last Friday, I realized I’d missed a scene with Mitch toward the end. When Dean (Jensen Ackles) is taken from the cage where Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) had stowed Sammy (Jared Padalecki) in the adjacent cell, Samuel is standing there witnessing as Crowley’s two goon demons are about to take Dean to be lunch for a couple of ghouls. Apparently I’m not as observant as I thought. There are about 49 more screencaps I’m adding to the Caged Heat album in the gallery. I’ll be amending the clip to reflect the missing scene. Plus, I have some HQ stills and behind the scenes images I’ll be adding to the gallery when I get around to sorting them. So for now, here’s the missing scene.



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I want to issue a huge thank you to the many fans of Mitch who have stopped by here to look at this site’s pages and many photos in the gallery. You’ve taken this site from relative obscurity on page 10 of Google’s main search engine, to number 3 on page one. No words can help me describe how this feels as the webmaster. All I can say is a humble…thank you.

Yours, Dianne

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I have the screencaps of Mitch’s latest appearance on MEDIUM as Dan Burroughs. It was sort of a ‘blink or you’ll miss him’ prospect. I have the other episodes he’s been in up in the gallery. I’ll be working on all Mitch’s episodes soon to put the clips up at ARTISAN MEDIA soon. I’ll post when they’re up. For now though, here is the newest.

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The site migration is done, as you can see, and we have a new domain. It’sssssss (insert Neil Peart drum solo here) MITCHPILEGGI.ORG. Real original uh? As I said in a previous post, I’d been a little undecided as to whether I was going to leave the site with the other url @, which is a subdomain of a domain I own. The thing is, subdomains aren’t seen as much on search engines and given I’m hoping to expand these few pages within into something larger, I thought Mitch deserved the full court treatment. He’s been around too long and his face is so well-known that I wanted to give him something he deserves. I know there are other sites on the web dedicated to Mitch, which are all very diverse from picture pages to a livejournal site, each giving Mitch the presence on the web he deserves. But this is my mark. This is what I want to say about Mitch and his place in the human condition. So to all who were at the old site, welcome back, to all hew arrivals, come…sit a while.

I have Mitch’s latest SONS OF ANARCHY episode to launch the new domain. The epsisode is called Turas. He’s not in it much, but again, he makes his presence even in the small part he has in it. And like I’ve said before, I loves me some Ernest Darby. On the official message board at FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY site, I’ve signed up as Darbysgirl. Yep, I’m happy I’m Darbysgirl. I admit it shamelessly.


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I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be reworking the screencaps in THE X-FILES section of the gallery. I’m not happy with how some of them look, too washed out. The program I used to do the screencaps in there was of a lesser quality than I’m using now and I like the way the ones I’ve done with the new capping device look. They’re a little warmer with a lot more clarity. I’ll let you know as I get them done what’s been changed. So keep coming on back.

Don’t forget Mitch on SUPERNATURAL tonight. Grampa Samuel is back. I’ll have the clip and caps up later tomorrow. The conversion of the clip ususally takes all night to do. Sorry for that. Anyway, happy Mitch watching tonight.

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