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I’ve added two sets of magazine scans to the gallery. Both articles are from Starlog magazine and come from 1996 and 1998 when Mitch was playing AD Walter Skinner on THE X-FILES. In both articles he talks about Skinner and his relationship to Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson). The 1998 article focuses in on the film THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE and Skinner’s evolution in terms of his help to Mulder and Scully. Mitch also talks lovingly about series creator Chris Carter and about his having no desire whatsoever to write or direct. That’s our Mitch. He also talks about Arlene and Sawyer and being a father for the first time. I’m in the process of getting both articles typed up and put in the press section. Until that time the HQ scans are there for you to click on to bring up and you can read them yourselves. Enjoy.



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Once again Mitch shows why he’s the master. I have his episode of BLUE BLOODS for you. He had a scant three scenes that I’m wondering was hardly worth the plane fare it took to get him there, or the hot pockets to keep him warm. His role was that of a man who as a young man shot a cop. Not very bright I think, however, the scene at the end where he’s confronted and he more or less gives the information the cops wanted and that Pileggi stare. Well, good to see. Loved the toque.


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I have some info on Mitch’s upcoming BLUE BLOODS guest starring role. His character’s name is Donald DeCarlo and the episode will air this week on CBS. More on the episode below.

New Blue Bloods Season 5,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Blue Bloods” episode 10 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “Sins Of The Father,” and it turns out that we’re going to see Frank get very passionate about gathering the evidence needed to put away the creep that shot one of Henry’s officers. Porn star murders get investigated, and more.

In the new, 10th episode press release: Frank will be determined to finally get the evidence he needs to prosecute the man who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. Press release number 2: Frank will push to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. In the meantime, Danny and Baez are going to investigate a string of murders involving adult film stars,

Guest stars feature: Mitch Pileggi (Donald DeCarlo), James Nuciforo (Jim Nuciforo), Michele Hicks (Cat Holloway)Daniel Jenkins (Jerry Phillips), Mariann Mayberry (Janice Philips), Hemky Madera (Ted Santiago), Veronica Reyes-How (Gloria Santiago), Alberto Rosende (Carlos Santiago), Susan Kelechi Watson (Det. Rhonda Buckley),Robin Morse (Phyllis Miller), Zachary Spicer (Det. Brent Miller),Jennifer Restivo (M.E. Laura Trent),Chris Lazzaro (Devane) and Mia Nuciforo (Mia).

Guest star list number 2: Michael Minarik (Jake Gayley), Nicholas Calhoun (Max Murdock), Staci-Lynn Charles (Morgan), Deborah Twiss (Sheila Gormley), Dave Bobb (Angry Man), Tiffany Hodges (Alana Robbins), Alice Schaerer (Mrs. Rubin) Andrea Boehlke (Toweled Girl), Dominique Huett (Sexy Female Plumber), Mlé Chester (Officer Anderson) and Angela Jeanneau (Employee).


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Mitch just tweeted to me that he will be on his way to New York to guest star on the CBS series BLUE BLOODS. I have no word yet on what his role will be, but I will keep you posted as I find out.

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I’ve added the final two episodes of the series to the gallery. These are episodes fourteen and fifteen. Sorry they’re late but I’ve had other projects I’ve been working on that needed my attention. I know there are some who are sad the series is done, however, the ratings were telling. After Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) died, the writing was on the wall. I wasn’t too happy either with the way Harris’ character was going. Too much back and forth and not enough bite to him. He suffered too many reversals to me to make the character viable in terms of any leverage he might have had over The Ewings. I really wish Cidre had a definitive plan for Harris outside of just being menacing. The other issue was the whole Mexican Cartel stuff. There wasn’t enough of the action happening in Dallas and not enough for me Harris Ryland at his job to prove why he was formidable. Mitch did his best with sadly bad writing. And I’m sorry I’m being so negative, but the truth is, I’m a bit saddened by the missed opportunity to capitalize on Mitch’s obvious talent and what he might have been able to bring to the show in light of Hagman’s death.


Final look at Mitch as Harrison Ryland.

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