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Who Is Mitch Pileggi?

Hello and welcome to BRAVADO ~ THE MITCH PILEGGI FANLISTING, the only approved fanlisting for the talented actor Mitch Pileggi.

Mitch's many credits include Assistant Director Walter Skinner on the hugely successful FOX television series The X-Files, ruthless trucking magnate Harris Ryland on the now cancelled TNT series Dallas, Colonel Steven Caldwell on the syndicated Sci-Fi series Stargate: Atlantis, Dr. Larry Jennings on the ABC medical show Grey's Anatomy, Det. Arvin Spevak on the series Daybreak, Colin Dowling on the cancelled WB seires The Mountain, Richard Clayton also cancelled from the WB Tarzan, Dan Burroughs on the now cancelled paranormal show Medium and is now currently a recurring character in two series: Sons of Anarchy for FX as the reformed Neo-Nazi Ernest Darby, and as hunter Samuel Campbell on the CW hit series Supernatural, and not to forget his iconic role as serial killer Hoarce Pinker in the late Wes Craven film Shocker.

Mitch has also starred in a series of big screen and little screen films. For the big screen, The X-Files: Fight The Future & The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Flash of Genius, Man In the Chair, Woodshop and Basic Instinct. For the little screen: Recount, 1st To Die and Knight Rider 2000.

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