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There’s been some information come out about the possibility of a continuation of THE X-FILES. Deadline has an article out detailing what is happening behind the scenes. I’m sure that Mitch will be back as The Skinman due mostly in part with something that creator/showrunner Chris Carter has said before in the past about Skinner being the third leg in the tripod between Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Mulder (David Duchovny). The sticking points here are geographical as Gillian lives in England and David is splitting his time between California and New York, and of course Mitch lives in Texas…..

‘The X-Files’ New Season Update: “Significant Talks” Underway – TCA

The six-episode new season of The X Files was one of the best performing Fox series last season, especially on-demand. Ever since the reboot launched, Fox executives have been trying to secure more episodes.

“We would love to do other seasons,” Fox Entertainment president David Madden said at TCA Monday. “There are significant talks with all three principals”, creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. “We are working hard, and would like to get a new season soon.”

Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden admitted that Fox wanted to do more than 6 episodes in the recent revival. “We would have liked to do more in the first place, but there were limitations,” she said. “Gillian lives in the U.K. David in New York and Los Angeles. The show shoots in Vancouver. So it’s about coordinating a time when they can carve time to be in Vancouver.”

Another abbreviated season is what Fox is looking at realistically. “We’re in conversations where we can do more,” Walden said. “I don’t see a full season of episodes, but I’d be happy to get 10 or 8 episodes.”

Madden and Walden were asked whether the network would want to make creative changes for a new season of The X-Files since the recent one was met with mixed reviews. “I actually think the season was strong,” Madden said. “The episodes represent Chris and his team’s vision, and we will take our cue from them.” ‘

Added Walden, “The show was off the air for a very long time. It was introduced to new viewers, and (the writers) had the challenge of filling in the mythology. Going forward, there won’t be the same obligation to reset the series.”


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I have two new events added to the gallery of Mitch from June. Here he attends the Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia. Mitch attended with his fellow THE X-FILES stars David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and William B. Davis (Cancer Man). The event covered two days.

  • [007] EVENT IMAGES: 06/03/2016 – Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2016 – Day 2
  • [013] EVENT IMAGES: 06/04/2016 – Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2016 – Day 3


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Mitch will be making an appearance at Wizard World in Illinois in August. Also with Mitch will be his THE X-FILES co-stars Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and William B. Davis (Cancer Man). For more information and to book tickets, click on the banner below.


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In the latest issue of TVGuide US, David Duchovny in a Q&A about his returning show Aquarius was asked about the possibility of FOX continuing THE X-FILES, this is what he had to say on it.

You had great ratings success last winter with Fox’s X-Files reboot. Any plans to get back together with creator Chris Carter and costar Gillian Anderson for more?

We are talking about it, and like before, it’s a matter of getting the three principal people in the same room for a significant amount of time to shoot it. Last time, it obviously took nearly 10 years [to get us all together again], so hopefully it won’t take that long. And I think there were too few episodes. Twenty-two is far too many, but six is too few, so we’ve got to figure out something right in between.


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If you’re living in Colorado Springs then you stand a good chance of meeting Mitch when he attends the Colorado Springs Comic Con on from August 26-28, 2016. There you can meet Mitch and have autographs signed by him. More below.

‘X-Files’ actor Mitch Pileggi is headed for Colorado Springs Comic Con

Colorado sci-Fi fans are shouting with pure nerdy joy with the announcement that Mitch Pileggi is coming to Colorado Springs Comic Con. Well known and loved for his roles as Assistant Director Walter Skinner in the ‘The X-Files’ TV series’ and films, Sam and Dean Winchester’s grandfather Samuel Campbell in ‘Supernatural’, pretty darn buffed out Ernest Darby in ‘Sons of Anarchy’, and Colonel Steven Caldwell in ‘Stargate Atlantis’. Come meet him in person on Aug. 26-28, 2016 at the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center. This Portland, OR born actor thinks of his incredible career as being “a big kid who has never come back in from recess.”

This shiny new Comic Con event is getting quite the buzz. The guest list is just getting started and it is shaping up nicely. In addition to Pileggi, celebrity guests include Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) from ‘The Walking Dead,’ Gil Gerard and Felix Silla from ‘Buck Rogers of the 25th Century,’ Jason David Frank of ‘Power Rangers’ fame, Filmmaker Amy Jo Johnson, Emilio Rivera from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Z Nation,’ Alfonso Ribeiro from ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ Brian O’Halloran of ‘Clerks,’ Dr. Dina, Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen of ‘Comic Book Men,’ Peter Dante, singer Samantha Newark, Tiffany Rice.

Helmed by the New England based company Altered Reality Entertainment this three-day event will feature guests from popular television and movies, as well as mainstream and independent comic book professionals. There will be celebrity photo ops, the always popular sci-fi speed dating, and eve a Kids-Com. Here’s to hoping the almighty dealer’s room is mall of nerd goodness, and of course throughout the day there will be wall to wall fabulous cosplay to join in or just crowd watch. The cosplay competition will be a big event, and the entire family can geek out for the weekend.

The fun will start at 3:00 pm Friday and go through Sunday afternoon. Tickets are currently on sale through the event’s website. Ticket prices start at $25 for adults and $10 for kids between the ages of six and twelve. VIP passes are also available.


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