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Mitch wasn’t on tonight’s premiere of the DALLAS continuation. I’m hoping we get to see him next week. Not much on his character but there is a write up on the TNT website on Ann Ewing (Brenda Strong). I’ve emboldened the parts that concern Mitch. More below the cut.

Ann Ewing

Ann Ewing is the third wife of Bobby Ewing. Introduced by mutual friend Sue Ellen, Bobby was instantly struck by Ann’s quiet strength and beauty. A consummate horse cutter, she fell in love with SouthFork Ranch. They quickly fell in love and married, and the pair settled in to SouthFork and began making it their own. A woman who can work a gun and ride a stallion, Ann fits right into the Ewing lineup of beautiful women who know their way around a ranch. Ann’s first marriage to big-time Texas transportation executive Harris Ryland, who is as sly as he is rich, continues to haunt Ann in her new life. But despite her past, she is a supportive wife to Bobby and has assumed her role as the new matriarch of SouthFork with dignity and grace.

This bodes well for Mitch. I like the description of him, sly as he is rich. I’m hoping the hype is well rewarded. I can’t stand to see Mitch once again underused and under appreciated. His track record in SUPERNATURAL, STARGATE: ATLANTIS, SONS OF ANARCHY and GREY’S ANATOMY are starting to make me think this guy will never get his rightful due. He’s not had a respectful and substantive role since playing Skinner on THE X-FILES. Oh how I long for Chris Carter.

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I found out Mitch had made another appearance on GREY’S ANATOMY on 23 February. There’s good news and bad news. The good news first: I have the screencaps. The bad news: No media clip. I have it all clipped up, however, my access to ARTISAN‘s media site is not happening so I don’t have the ability to upload it. I’ve been told the techs are working on this to solve it but at this point I’m not sure if that will be later today or next week. When I finally have access I’ll edit this post to include the clip.

Okay so here’s my beef. Mitch had no speaking part…again and his scenes were limited to a glorified cameo. Seriously I’d love to tell ABC and Shonda Rhimes that this IS Mitch Pileggi. One doesn’t bring him on for a cameo to support someone else. One casts him and uses him for what he’s good at. I know to Mitch it’s likely a paycheck, but there are just some principles here. It’s about time he started getting the credit he’s due and a role worth of his talent. So there my rant is over.



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Here is the media for Mitch’s latest ‘blink or you’ll miss him’ return to GREY’S ANATOMY as Dr. Larry Jennings. The amount of screencaps are conservative for me on this site, but Mitch looked yummy as usual. Enjoy.


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According to TVOVERMIND, Mitch is to return to GREY’S ANATOMY as Dr. Larry Jennings in part two of the season eight premiere. Information for this episode follows:

Episode 8.02 “She’s Gone” (10:00-11:00 p.m.): Meredith and Derek’s relationship is currently unsteady after recent events and when news of this makes its way to Zola’s adoption counselor, she wonders whether going through with the adoption is a good idea. Alex is punished for ratting out Meredith when the rest of the group outcasts him for being a snitch. Teddy is alarmed when Chief Webber asks Henry to come in for a last minute surgery and Cristina is forced to make a tough decision about her pregnancy.

Guest stars for this episode includes: Mackenzie Astin as Danny, Amy Price-Francis as Susannah, Scott Foley as Henry, and Mitch Pileggi as Larry Jennings.

As usual, I’ll have Mitch’s episode up probably the day after it airs.

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