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According to David Duchovny, there is a new X-FILES film being put together. Duchovny told the French site TV MAG that one is in the preparation stages by Chris Carter and company. There is a script being worked on. Here is what Duchovny had to say:

“It is in the process of being written. One awaits just the green light from Fox, who are a little disappointed from the relatively poor reception of the second film. (The film grossed $20.8 million.) The error comes, in my opinion, from the authors straying too far from the roots of the series. Moreover, the film was released in the summer. The third will be much closer to what the public expects, with government conspiracies, etc.”

My hope is that Mitch’s role will be more than a mere walk on at the end like he had in I Want to Believe or just as a sounding board as he had in Fight the Future. My other hope is that if there is another film, it includes Robert Patrick (Agent John Doggett) and Annabeth Gish (Agent Monica Reyes). They as much as Mitch deserve to be in the next film because like it or not, they were part of the show after Duchovny left. And I liked them. Period!

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I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be reworking the screencaps in THE X-FILES section of the gallery. I’m not happy with how some of them look, too washed out. The program I used to do the screencaps in there was of a lesser quality than I’m using now and I like the way the ones I’ve done with the new capping device look. They’re a little warmer with a lot more clarity. I’ll let you know as I get them done what’s been changed. So keep coming on back.

Don’t forget Mitch on SUPERNATURAL tonight. Grampa Samuel is back. I’ll have the clip and caps up later tomorrow. The conversion of the clip ususally takes all night to do. Sorry for that. Anyway, happy Mitch watching tonight.

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A big update to the gallery section. I was able to obtain a lot of images of Mitch at various public events over the years. If you are going to repost someplace else, please credit this site as the source. The watermarking at the bottom of the images are just to identify where they came from, nothing more.

  • [ 022 ] 08/25/2009 – Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Premiere
  • [ 005 ] 08/24/2008 – Sons of Anarchy Series Premiere
  • [ 013 ] 07/23/2008 – The X-Files: I Want To Believe LA Premiere
  • [ 011 ] 09/26/2008 – Paleyfest
  • [ 007 ] 09/29/2004 – Jack & Bobby Rock The Vote Premiere
  • [ 008 ] 07/14/2004 – The WB Network’s 2004 Party – Arrivals
  • [ 003 ] 07/13/2003 – The WB Presentation @ The Television Critic’s Association
  • [ 005 ] 07/13/2003 – The WB Network’s 2003 All Star Party
  • [ 005 ] 05/13/2003 – The 2003 WB UpFronts – After Party
  • [ 013 ] 07/09/2002 – Reign of Fire Los Angeles Premiere
  • [ 007 ] 04/27/2002 – The X-Files Series Finale Wrap Party
  • [ 009 ] 04/05/2002 – Party Celebrating the 200th Episode of The X-Files
  • [ 003 ] 11/01/2000 – Men of Honor Premiere
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