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I know the site was off the air for a while, no conspiracy there, but we’re back and with a new layout. I know it’s a little late for THE X-FILES season ten run, but things couldn’t be helped. I tried to get down to working but personal things were interfering. I hope you like the changes. I will be uploading all THE X-FILES season ten materials after this post. Included in that will be all screencaps, stills, promotional shots and more. I also have some magazine scans, but those will be coming. I still have some editing to do on those. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new look and the brand new uploads.


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On behalf of ARTISAN I’d like to wish Mitch the happiest of all days. Today he turns a ripe young 62 years and he’s never been better. Here’s hoping he’s sharing today with his girls Arlene and Sawyer as well as close family and friends. We’re wishing you many more Mitch. Have a drink on us and have fun.

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As you’ve noticed we’re back online! I hope that never happens again. I’ve been sick with the thought of this site going off even for the short time it was. This is one of my favourite sites and the fact I wasn’t able to keep it on was making me anxious. Quite frankly I was a bit surprised it stayed on for a week past the original cut off. Not that I’m complaining. So now anxiety attack over, I’ve got some business to see to. I’ve tweeted Mitch several times during his live tweeting sessions with DALLAS, and to his generosity he’s answered me back. Well yesterday during our brief hiatus I noticed Mitch tweeted something to do with No Kid Hungry :: Share Our Strength, a cause Mitch believes in strongly. I remember when Mitch did his conversation with IBG a while back and he mentioned in a video I’ll include below that ticket sales to the discussion went to this particular cause. Why? According to Mitch, he said the United States gives tons of money to countries overseas that are not necessarily nice to its benefactors. It’s nice to see money going to causes within the United States that will help to take care of those kids who all too frequently, go to school hungry or are on the streets needing food. Since I live in Canada I’m going to include the link here for Mitch’s Canadian fans to give to local causes dedicated to the same thing. One of those causes is Food Banks Canada. I know there seems to be a malaise with regards to giving to charities, but with the proclivity these days of both the United States and Canadian governments making massive cuts to child food programs, it’s necessary for things like No Kid Hungry and Canadian Food Banks to ask for donations to keep their doors open. You can make a monetary donation or with the Canadian Food Banks you can go to any local place and take your non-perishable food items there personally. I hope you’ll consider this as an option since it is vital to keep our children fed and healthy. For the link to No Kid Hungry, check the sidebar in the “Mitch Zone” and click on it to go to the main site. There you can click the DONATE button. Thanks for listening. And I’m so glad to be back.

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I wanted to let you know about something that might be happening on 19 March, 2014. I’m having a little trouble getting my webhosting fees together to renew my hosting for another year so MITCH PILEGGI ONLINE will be going dark on that date. I won’t be able to get it back up for two weeks until I get paid. If you’d like to donate something to help me out please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the donate button in the sidebar in the “Site Info/Disclaimer & Donate” area. This is the first time I’ve had to ask for donations to keep us up, but I thought I’d throw out the bone. Thanks to anyone willing to help out. I’m also working on getting the ARTISAN MEDIA site back up and running. Please be patient.

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I was doing a search online for some of Mitch’ theatre work (after the Man himself graciously helped me fill in some of his lesser known credits…Thank you Mitch from the bottom of my heart) and I found this. Enjoy.

Mitch Pileggi

by Josh Daniel
May 1996

In 1980 I was doing defense contract work overseas for the government, but I was getting kind of tired of it, so I decided to move back to Austin and begin acting again. To pay the bills I did temp work and drove a cab for Roy’s Taxi, but then I started working at Zachary Scott Theatre. In the morning I did the books, in the early afternoon I was the janitor, later on in the afternoon I’d help build sets, and in the evening I’d do plays. After a while I started doing some small TV roles; at the time, that was pretty much all they’d give local actors�one or two lines in TV movies. We called it the triangle: We’d drive three hours to Dallas for an audition, then four hours to Houston for another audition, then back to Austin. I got some work as an extra on Dallas, and eventually I had a scene where I had a couple of lines with Priscilla Presley. Most of it was shots of the back of my head—I was playing a ruffian in a bar. I was kind of consumed by it all.

Mitch Pileggi lived in Austin in 1975, when he attended the University of Texas, and again from 1980 to 1984. He plays assistant FBI director Walter Skinner on The X-Files, which airs Fridays at 8 p.m. CST on Fox. The show’s season finale is scheduled for May 17.


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