SUPERNATURAL: 2008—2011 (8 Episodes)

Sam and Dean from Supernatural Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles “SUPERNATURAL”
Role: Samuel Campbell
Created by: Erick Kripke
Network: CW
Series Debut: 13 September 2005
First Episode & Airdate: In the Beginning — 02 October 2008
Genre(s): Paranormal / Suspense / Thriller
Tagline: Fear is a luxury ….

Series Info:

The series follows the adventures of two brothers, Dean Winchester and his brother Sam Winchester. Due to a matralineal family legacy Sam and Dean must hunt demons, vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and any other aspects of the paranormal.

About Samuel Campbell

Samuel Campbell is the father of Dean and Sam’s mother, Mary. It was erroneously believed by both Dean and Sam that the hunter line came down through their father, John Winchester. It was revealed to Dean that Samuel had been a hunter for a long time, as was his wife, Deanna. Samuel died when he was taken over by Azazel, a yellow-eyed shapeshifter who has been Dean and Sam’s main antagonist. However, Samuel has come back as himself and there is some speculation he may not be for real.


Season 04 1/24 INFORMATION
Season 06 7/22 INFORMATION

Main Cast

Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester
Jim Beaver Bobby Singer
Misha Collins Castiel
Jeffrey Dean Morgan John Winchester
Samantha Smith Mary Winchester
Cindy Sampson Lisa Braeden
Fredric Lehne Azazel
Nicholas Elia Ben Braeden
Mark A. Sheppard Crowley
Lauren Cohen Bela Talbot
Katie Cassidy Blonde Ruby
Genevieve Cortese Padalecki Dark Haire Ruby
Samantha Ferris Ellen Harvelle
Alona Tal Joanna Beth Harvelle
Steven Williams Rufus Turner


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