Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 5 DVD @ Role: D.E.A. Agent Jack Hammond
Directed by: Constantine Makris
Written by: Dick Wolf, Michelle Fazekas, Tara Butters
Original Airdate: 14 October 2003
Production Code: E4402


Christopher Meloni ………. Detective Elliot Stabler
Mariska Hargitay ………. Detective Olivia Benson
Richard Belzer ………. Detective John Munch
Stephanie March ………. Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot
BD Wong ………. Dr. George Huang
Tamara Tunie ………. Dr. Melinda Warner
Dann Florek ………. Captain Donald Cragen

Guest Cast:

Josh Hopkins ………. DEA Special Agent Tim Donovan
David Thornton ………. Attorney Lionel Granger
Jacinto Taras Riddick ………. Raphael Zapata Gavarilla
Charlayne Woodard ………. Sister Peg
Joanna Merlin ………. Judge Lena Petrovsky
Fred Dalton Thompson ………. District Attorney Arthur Branch


Mitch Pileggi as DEA Agent Jack Hammond - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit E5X04 Loss When the nude body of a woman is found raped and murdered and with her tongue cut out and wrapped only in a fur coat is found in an alleyway, Detectives Stabler and Benson investigate her death. They find out her name was Olivia Téas and she was the moll of a drug lord by the name of Raphael Zapata Gavarillo. After discovering Téas’ connection to a storage locker, Stabler and Benson find out she was a law enforcement officer. While searching through her meagre belongings they are interrupted by DEA Special Agents Jack Hammond (MP) and Tim Donovan who were following them earlier. Later back at SVU’s 16th Precinct, Hammond fills Stabler, Benson and their captain, Cragen, in on Téas real name at Olivia Sandoval and the work she had been doing for them to bring down the cartel. Hammond explains that Sandoval infiltrated the cartel. With the help of ADA Alexandra Cabot, Gavarilla is brought in and arrested for Sandoval’s murder but is let go due to insufficient evidence. The only alternative Cabot has is in asking Donovan to testify about Sandoval’s undercover work but would expose the entire DEA operation. Donovan request that Cabot in effect quash her prosecution of Gavarillo so the Feds can have the cartel exposed. Cabot reassures Donovan the won’t have to testify but she wants her case. In a wire tap of Gavarillo’s phones he’s overheard threatening Cabot and her family that forces Donovan to agree to testify, something that could derail the DEA’s case against the cartel. While seeing Cabot home after she refuses personal protection, Donvan is killed in an explosion as he’s getting into his car. In the aftermath Hammond rips into Cabot, telling her their case against Gavarillo is effectively done because it was Donovan who was the one who liasoned with Sandoval. Stabler tries to diffuse the situation as Hammond continues to berate Cabot for her incompetence. Gavarilla’s case is handed over to the Feds and Cabot, Stabler, Benson, Cragen and others gather at a bar to try to come to terms with the fact Sandoval will have died without getting justice. Cabot, Stabler and Benson are leaving the bar when shots ring out from a speeding car. Stabler attempts to chase the car down as Benson dives to the ground. As Stabler returns it’s found that Cabot has been shot and is lying bleeding on the ground from the gunshot wound to the chest. Back at the precinct the SVU squad mourn as Cabot’s death is front page news on the major newspapers. Cragen informs Stabler and Benson they have to meet with the Feds to wrap up the case. When they meet with Hammond, he takes the detectives to an undisclosed location where Stabler and Benson discover Cabot is apparently alive and well. Cabot informs her friends she is being taken into Witness Protection due to the fact that both Gavarillo and his operation are still out there and the gunman who shot her has as yet to be apprehended. Hammond informs Cabot they have to get on their way as Cabot bids a tearful goodbye to both Stabler and Benson.


Selected Screencaps


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