LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: 2003 & 2005 (2 Episodes)

Role: D.E.A. Agent Jack Hammond
Created by: Dick Wolf
Network: NBC
Series Debut: 20 September 1999
First Episode & Airdate: Loss — 14 October 2003
Genre(s): Procedural / Crime / Drama
Tagline: Where risks are taken …..

Series Info:

The series follows the detectives of the 16th Precinct in New York’s main city, Manhattan as they tackle cases involving the Sexual Crimes Division. The SVU team covers cases ranging from rape, sexual assault, crimes against children and the elderly. all with a sexual element to them. The main detectives are Det. Elliot Stabler and Det. Olivia Benson, followed by detectives John Munch, Odafin “Finn” Tutuola, Chester Lake, Captain Donald Cragen, and ADA’s Alexandra Cabot and Casey Novak.

About D.E.A. Agent Jack Hammond

Drug Enforcement Agent Jack Hammond came into the sphere of the SVU team after the body of a woman is discovered dead in an alleyway. Detectives Stabler and Benson come to find out the woman was an undercover federal agent working for the Drug Enforcemnt Agency under the rubrick of Agents Tim Donovan and Jack Hammond. ADA Alexandra Cabot is called upon to prosecute the agent’s murderer and finds her life is in danger. Cabot is taken off into the Witness Protection Program. Hammond returned in the sixth season to usher Cabot back when her shooter is about to face prosecution by ADA Casey Novak.


Season 05 1/25 INFORMATION
Season 06 1/23 INFORMATION

Main Cast

Christopher Meloni Det. Elliot Stabler
Mariska Hargitay Det. Olivia Benson
Richard Belzer Det. Sgt. John Munch
Ice-T Det. Odafin “Finn” Tutuola
Diane Neal ADA Casey Novak
Stephanie March ADA Alexandra Cabot
Dann Florek Captain Donald Cragen
Adam Beach Det. Chester Lake
Tamara Tunie ME Melinda Warner
B.D. Wong Dr. George Huang
Judith Light Judge Elizabeth Donnelly
Peter Hermann Attorney Trevor Langan
Connie Nielsen Det. Dani Beck


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