Film: Motion Picture »» PROCEED ««

— All of Mitch’s work on the big screen in Motion Pictures.

Film: Made For Television Or Cable»» PROCEED ««

— All of Mitch’s work on the little screen in Made for Television Movies.

Television: Recurring or Regular »» PROCEED ««

— Mitch’s recurring or contract credits including, The X-Files, Supernatural, Tarzan, Sons of Anarchy…

Television: Episodic »» PROCEED ««

— Mitch’s individutal episodic work where he’s only appeared for one episode.

Other »» PROCEED ««

— All of Mitch’s other television work, including voice overs for Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, In Search Of, & Did We Land on the Moon?, and Mitch’s various projects where he lent his voice, and appearances on talk, variety or entertainment shows.

Stage »» PROCEED ««

— Mitch has done some stage work. This is as accurate a list as could be found.

Audio »» PROCEED ««

— Mitch has added his voice to some audio books and animated series, take a look and see what he did.

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