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My apologies for not having this up before now, but I’ve been dealing with computer problems and personal issues that prevented my from being able to post these on Monday. I’m going to be getting my new computer by Friday that should mean I’ll be able to do things faster. Hopefully.

Onto the show. Mitch is such a talented actor but my golly Harris is just plain EVULL. Even Hoarce Pinker wasn’t this bad. Having Drew (Kuno Becker) beaten up and the result shown to Emma (Emma Bell) was just this side of, well, EVULL. Harris’ alliance with the new governor played by Steven Weber just shows how much he wants to bring the Ewings down. I’m wondering if Mitch called William B. Davis (Cancer Man, THE X-FILES) to get some pointers. My only hope is they haven’t written Harris into a corner. I was truly hoping they’d begin to make Harris a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Meaning begin to soften the corners after having Judith (Judith Light) committed. Perhaps see what made him do the things he did. I’m wondering if it’s more a case of when the cat’s away, the mice….. Well you know what I mean.

  • [ 0001 ] VIDEO: DALLAS – E2X11 LET ME IN

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