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Finally, a first look at what Mitch will look like in his new role as Harris Ryland. He looks so good. I love the full beard. I’m hoping whatever Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is doing to him it’s not permanent.

Mitch Pileggi and Patrick Duffy in a scene from 'Dallas' reboot on TNT.


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I finally have an airdate and episode synopsis for Mitch’s first episode on DALLAS. The episode is titled Truth And Consequences and will air next week July 04, 2012 in both Canada and the United States. The breakdown is this, more below the cut:

Truth And Consequences

With tension mounting between the newly married Christopher and Rebecca, family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed. In order to thwart J.R.’s schemes, Ann seeks help from someone in her past, and Christopher decides it is time to fight dirty.

Looks like Ann (Brenda Strong) is seeking her ex, our own Mitch as Harris Ryland. I can hardly wait. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now. I’ll have the screencaps and clip up as soon as I can after the episode airs. Please be patient.

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I just came across this with Brenda Strong who plays Ann Ryland Ewing on DALLS. It’s a small blurb where she talks about the old and new show.

“Oh boy … it’s a toss-up between J.R. — because Ann and J.R. definitely lock horns — and a new character, my ex-husband Harris Ryland played by Mitch Pileggi. He was definitely a rival worth sparring with.”


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I’d like to introduce my new site for the actor Christopher Meloni, the lead actor in the series LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT where Mitch played the part in two episodes as DEA Special Agent Jack Hammond. Please feel free to click on the banner below to access the site. Thanks in advance for any interest you take in it.

Unabridged Christopher Meloni Online

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I’m thinking of working on a new layout to freshen things up. I’ll be going over things in the week to see what I have in terms of images. Keep checking in. I might be going back to an old colour scheme. Also, I know that I’ve not gotten the screencaps and media up for Mitch’s role in SPACE TWISTER. The problem is I don’t have a good copy of it. I’m searching for one so that I can add them to the gallery and to the media site. Wish me luck.

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