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I found out Mitch had made another appearance on GREY’S ANATOMY on 23 February. There’s good news and bad news. The good news first: I have the screencaps. The bad news: No media clip. I have it all clipped up, however, my access to ARTISAN‘s media site is not happening so I don’t have the ability to upload it. I’ve been told the techs are working on this to solve it but at this point I’m not sure if that will be later today or next week. When I finally have access I’ll edit this post to include the clip.

Okay so here’s my beef. Mitch had no speaking part…again and his scenes were limited to a glorified cameo. Seriously I’d love to tell ABC and Shonda Rhimes that this IS Mitch Pileggi. One doesn’t bring him on for a cameo to support someone else. One casts him and uses him for what he’s good at. I know to Mitch it’s likely a paycheck, but there are just some principles here. It’s about time he started getting the credit he’s due and a role worth of his talent. So there my rant is over.



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