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According to The Examiner‘s website, Mitch is going to be guest starring on this new FOX program. More below the cut:

Mitch Pileggi of ‘X-Files,’ ‘Supernatural’ guest starring on ‘The Finder’

By Meredith Jacobs, Queens Primetime TV Examiner

Bones is only going to be airing six episodes when it finally begins its seventh season in November on Fox 5 in Queens Thursdays at 9PM, and from there, the spin-off, The Finder, starring Geoff Stults, will take over its time slot. An actor who is no stranger to television is going to be guest starring on the new series.

According to Give Me My Remote, Mitch Pileggi, who played Skinner on The X-Files and more recently Samuel Campbell on Supernatural and Larry Jennings on Grey’s Anatomy, is going to be guest starring on The Finder. There are some character details out as well for the role he’ll begin filming next week:

“Pileggi…will play a former cop-turned-death row inmate who reaches out to Walter to help him with something very important.”

What could Pileggi’s character want with Walter Sherman? The Finder has cast new characters since the episode that aired as part of Bones season 6. Saffron Burrows isn’t returning, but fortunately Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan are. Stults played the role of the paranoid, quirky Walter perfectly, and it’s hard not to love Duncan as his poetry-reciting legal advisor bodyguard. This latest casting news sounds like it should be just what the show needs, along with the possibility ofBones cast members crossing over and David Boreanaz slated to direct an episode.

The Bones spinoff, The Finder, premieres this midseason on Fox 5 in Queens. What do you think of the latest casting news?

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So far there’s no word as to the name of Mitch’s character, but it sounds good. I truly do hope that this isn’t a one-note character. I’m really getting tired of shows casting Mitch then giving him substandard material to work with. I really would love it if he had a part that would give him the chance to be something else other than some flakey ditz’s father, a thug, or some other role that won’t allow Mitch to show us what he can do. I would love it if he got his own series. something like “Deadwood” or “Generation Kill” that would give him the broadest possible ability to show us what he can do.

I also wanted to let you know I’m working on a new layout for the site. I’m hoping I have something before the Mayan end date.

  1. cheryl bouras says:

    Well im sure Mitch agrees with you.Im tired of the crap he’s been getting to do.

    • mitch pileggi online says:


      I think as far as Mitch is concerned, any job puts food on the table. But I just wish he’d get a good part where he’d be able to be at it a little longer term than just a few second wal-on like his last GREY’S ANATOMY was. That was sort of a ‘blink and you’ll miss him’ aspect. In a two hour return, he was on all of about two or three minutes…… Unbelievable.

      Thanks for your comment.


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