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I know there’s been no updates since Mitch’s birthday, but with him officially off SUPERNATURAL and only one project in the pike, there really isn’t much to report. The new project Mitch has done is a made for television movie called Mega Cyclone being produced through the Syfy channel. So far there’s not a lot on the film with the exception of the IMDB page. When I have some news I’ll post. I’m also working on getting the SUPERNATURAL section complete. I have a lot of stills and behind-the-scenes images still to put up plus the video from the last few episodes Mitch was in. Bear with me. I’ve also replaced the animation in the Selected Image in the sidebar. The animation is a totally gratutious frame-by-frame of Mitch from his time as Assistant Director Walter Skinner in E4X22 Zero Sum from his THE X-FILES days. Hope you like it.

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  1. cheryl bouras says:

    It sucked big time when they killed him off in Supernatural….again.I don’t understand why they had him back they seemed to waste him entirely.It was very disapointing.

    • mitch pileggi online says:


      I so agree with what you said. As much as I love SUPERNATURAL that was a total waste of his time and talent. I’d hoped Sera Gamble and Eric Kripke would have utililised him better than they did. There were so many directions they could have taken Samuel regarding him HELPING the boys despite how he might or might not have felt toward Dean. I particularly didn’t care for how they killed him off. Having him re-enact Hoarce Pinker from SHOCKER and spend the majority of the time in that episode as a prop was a little too much for me to take. Again, I’ve continued to watch the show, I love Jared, Jensen, Jim and Misha…but gosh, what a waste of Mitch’e time.

      Thanks Cheryl for your comment. Very much appreciated.


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