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Happy 59th Birthday Mitch @

On behalf of ARTISAN ~ MITCH PILEGGI ONLINE, I’d like to wish Mitch the happiest of days on this, his 59th Birthday. I hope that Mitch along with Arlene and Sawyer and his family have a happy day. It’s hard to believe that Mitch is almost 60. He doesn’t look it at all. Take care Mitch and have a great day.

4 Comments to "HAPPY 59TH BIRTHDAY MITCH!"
  1. Jennifer Clifton says:

    Happy Birthday, you Big, Bald, Beautiful Man.

  2. cheryl bouras says:

    Can you believe i got married on Mitch’s birthday last week i had no idea the date was picked for me.I was thrilled when i found out my husband not so much.

    • mitch pileggi online says:


      So sorry for missing this comment. That’s incredible. Congratulations, if not belatedly. I hope all is going well for the newlyweds.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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