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From what I’ve found on IMDB Mitch’s next episode of SUPERNATURAL will be E6X16 – And Then There Were None, and guess what? Also starring as the character of Rufus Turner is none other than Mitch’s THE X-FILES alum, Steven Williams also known as Mr. X. Happy, happy, joy, joy. A mini reunion. I really do hope that Mitch and Steven have some scenes together. It would really be a shame if the two were in the same episode and not meet. I’m hoping Samuel and Rufus come to blows. We all remember how epic Skinner and X’s fight was in E2X17 – End Game. I would just love for a return engagement. I know, I know, the guys are a little older this time around. Both Mitch and Steven still have that ‘oomph’ in them. Besides in an earlier episode of SUPERNATURAL‘s sixth season, Rufus was found kicking some serious ass. One can hope. And Then There Was None airs 25 February 2011.

  1. Laura says:

    I’m a fan of the series Supernatural. And I’d be very surprised if Mitch and Steve had any scenes together. Mitch plays the grandad and his scenes usually involve the lead characters. Steven’s character is another ‘hunter’ that has had in the past really only worked with another character Bobby..
    Again anything can happen with this show so we can only hope the writers gave them a acene together..

    • mitch pileggi online says:


      Thanks for your comment, and yeah, I know it’s a longshot…but one can cross one’s fingers and hope. Considering though that Samuel is also a hunter we can hope that this episode has something to do with the hunters going against Mother, introduced at the end of E6X12 – Like a Virgin aired this past week. At least I’m hoping that Dean (Jensen Ackles) doesn’t off Sampa as per his threat in E6X10 – Caged Heat. That’s my hope. ::said meekly::

      I agree that anything can and does happen on this show.

      Once again, thanks for stopping by.


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