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Finally, SUPERNATURAL is back with new episodes. The drought is gone. We are fruitful yet again. Good promo teaser for E6X13 – Unforgiven, Mitch’s return after Caged Heat. I posted the synopsis for this one in this post SUPERNATURAL 6X13 – UNFORGIVEN SPOILER, but here is the video promo for the episode. Looks like it’s going to be a goodie. Sampa’s back!

  1. DarkSoliton says:

    Looks fantastic! Love your site and will return here often. I love Supernatural and cannot wait to see what’s in store this season.
    PS-Love your Caged Heat promo vid too! Mitch is THE BEST!

    • mitch pileggi online says:


      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your compliments. It’s always so nice when fans of Mitch’s find me and leave such nice compliments.

      About Superntural, yes, I can hardly wait to see what happens to our Sampa in the rest of the season. I only hope they don’t kill him off a la Ellen, Jo and Ash or like John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). That would break my heart. There’s so much potential for Samuel and to get rid of him before they’ve tapped that would be just this side of crappy. I’d kill for a scene between Mitch and Jeffrey as John. My hope is that with news Superntural is going into a seventh season they see what an asset Mitch is and keep Samuel around for a bit. He’s sort of the last family Sam and Dean have left as far as blood is concerned.

      The animation you’re talking about in the sidebar was created from screencaps I did of the episode and done in Corel Animation Shop. Any version will do. Once you get the gist of doing them, that took me some time to figure out by the way, it’s easy. I’m doing similar things with my site for Diane Neal, Mitch co-starred with her in his second visit to LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT where he played the part of DEA Agent Jack Hammond. I thought I’d pull something like it over here.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Please, come again.


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