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Posted On: April 01, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

Well, it’s been confirmed by David Duchovny that Mitch will indeed be returning to the limited series run of the rebooted THE X-FILES. I for one could not be happier. It’ll be nice to see where The Skinman falls in the return and what Mitch will look like. He’d better be Director of the FBI. Just kidding. In any case I’m just just glad we have confirmation. Now my next happy dance will be done when I find out both Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish will be back. And what happened to William….

David Duchovny reveals Walter Skinner, the Smoking Man will return for ‘X-Files’ reboot

As excitement surrounding “The X-Files” return to TV continues to escalate, the show’s star, David Duchovny, revealed some of the other original cast members making a comeback.

“Gillian and I, we’re original,” he told David Letterman Tuesday about the obvious inclusion of him and co-star Gillian Anderson, who played FBI Special Agent Dana Scully throughout the nine seasons of the TV series and in both feature films.

Duchovny, who will reprise his role as Agent Fox Mulder, said, “Mitch Pileggi will come back, and the cigarette-smoking man — if that means anything to anyone — will be coming back.”

For fans, the Smoking Man’s return means a whole lot. The villainous character played by William B. Davis is Agent Mulder’s arch-nemesis, who has multiple aliases, including Cancer Man, CSM or C-Man in addition to the two previously mentioned.

His real name, C.G.B. Spender, was revealed in 1999 during season six, after being exposed to an alien artifact on the hit Fox sci-fi series. But fans continued calling him the Smoking Man since he was always shown chain-smoking Morley’s, a fictional brand of cigarettes.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to fans that Smoking Man’s coming back since he appeared to be killed by a helicopter rocket in the 2002 series finale.

“No one really dies on ‘X-Files,'” the show’s creator Chris Carter previously said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pileggi will return to play his role as FBI Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner for the show’s 6-episode event set to begin filming in Vancouver this summer for a 2016 release.

“It’s a strange phenomenon that people still want to see those characters,” Duchovny told Letterman. “But I’m grateful.”


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Posted On: March 28, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

While going through some of my computer files, I noticed I hadn’t yet posted these to the gallery. My bad. The event is from 1996 with Mitch attending a signing of THE X-FILES release of the video Abduction. Mitch wasn’t there alone though. Joining him was fellow THE X-FILES co-star Nick Lea (Alex Krycek). Enjoy the eye candy.



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Posted On: March 28, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

This is good news and what I’ve been hoping. Looks like not only David Duchovney (Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) and Mitch are returning, looks like both Robert Patrick (John Doggett) and Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes) are being rumored to be returning to THE X-FILES 2015. Please let this hurry up and happen!

‘The X-Files’ Revival: Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish & Mitch Pileggi Eyed To Return

EXCLUSIVE: Now that the official greenlight from Fox has arrived – after extremely lengthy talks between Chris Carter, the network and 20th Century Fox Television – the rest of the pieces of the puzzle that is The X-Files revival are starting to fall into place.

With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson confirmed to be returning to their iconic roles, the inevitable question of whether or not any further cast members will reprise their roles is lingering. TVWise can reveal that three key X-Files alums are presently being eyed to reprise their roles in the six episode event series.

Those three cast members are none other than Robert Patrick (From Dusk Till Dawn), Annabeth Gish (The Bridge) and Mitch Pileggi (Sons Of Anarchy).

The X-Files 2016 TeaserRobert Patrick and Annabeth Gish were main cast members for the final two seasons, playing the parts of Special Agent John Doggett and Special Agent Monica Reyes, respectively. While Mitch Pileggi, of course, played FBI Assistant Director Skinner from the closing episodes of the first season onwards.

While sources have stated that the trio are being eyed to reprise their roles, it should be stressed that none of them have deals in place as of yet. In fact, studio insiders tell me that there are no deals in place for anyone outside of Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. The deal making process will be getting underway in the days and weeks ahead, with some of the actors thus far only receiving feelers to see if they would be available.

Given that, the exact level of their involvement in the revival (assuming the deals close) remains a little uncertain. Sources have indicated that Robert Patrick, for instance, would perhaps appear in a limited number of episodes if he agreed to return, in part because of his contractual obligations to CBS and their drama series Scorpion – which has already been picked up for a second season.

In addition, I have confirmed that William B. Davis, well known for his role as CGB Spender/Cigarette Smoking Man, is also being lined up to appear in the revival (Davis himself revealed this is an interview in his native Canada in the past few days). But like the other three actors there is no formal deal as of yet – it is still early days after all.

William B Davis – X-FilesBeyond casting other pieces are starting to fall in place. Scouts are presently up in Vancouver and I’m told that the production will be receiving some funding by way of a tax credits programme from the Canadian Government. In addition a number of writers are currently in talks to join the production team. One such writer is Glen Morgan, who recently created the BBC America series Intruders. From what I’m told he may also serve as an executive producer alongside Chris Carter, but I’ve yet to hear confirmation on that.

Frank Spotnitz’s involvement remains something of a question mark. I hear that both Chris Carter and Fox want him back, but his commitments to Tandem’s Crossing Lines and his recently green-lit Amazon series The Man In The High Castle make it difficult. Even so, my sources are hopeful that he will return in “at least a limited capacity”. Equally, I hear that another successful and busy X-Files alum, Howard Gordon, will not be involved.

As for the some of the finer details, no one is talking on the specific plot points beyond the fact that the revival will address the lingering storylines left by the initial nine season run and both feature films. That said, I’m told that Carter’s comment in the official press release was misconstrued by some outlets and that the series will consist of both mythology and stand-alone (or “Monster Of The Week”) episodes.

There is also early chatter about a streaming deal for the revival. Presently the original nine season run is available of both Netflix and Amazon Prime in the US, but a deal for exclusive streaming rights is expected to be hammered out in the months ahead. It is early days and it’s not clear if Amazon or Netflix would have the edge here, but the deal will be worth “big money”.

Finally, the studio’s international distribution division (Twentieth Century Fox International Television Distribution) is already bracing for a large number of international deals to close soon after the LA Screenings in May; with The X-Files revival widely expected to be the hottest US scripted drama on the international marketplace for the year ahead.


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Posted On: March 25, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

Well, he’s back! Our favourite bald G-Man will be back in the new THE X-FILES reboot. Mitch and Vanity Fair have confirmed that AD Walter Freaking Skinner will be back, and I for one am pleased. The article is from Vanity Fair. Also back will be David Duchovney (Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) and series creator, Chris Carter. No word on Robert Patrick (John Doggett) or Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes), though I’m truly hoping they will be. Loved Mitch’s response.

Ha ha. Very funny Mitch!

The X-Files Reboot Is Officially Happening!

by Joanna Robinson

After years of fanboy wishes, months of rumors, and weeks of negotiations, it’s finally official: The X-Files is getting a reboot and it’s just the kind you want.

There’s always a concern when a popular older property gets rebooted that our nostalgia-colored glasses won’t be enough to sustain a new incarnation. In other words, for every ratings blockbuster like J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek, there are less successful efforts like Arrested Development Season 4. But Fox is wisely bringing back their seminal sci-fi series for a very limited run, six episodes only, and the whole gang, including Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi (!!!), and creator Chris Carter are back. If those six episodes do well, who knows? We might see little self-contained Mulder and Scully reunions every few years.

The limited-series aspect is likely not only a creative decision, but a practical one. One of the major sticking points in the reboot negotiations were the busy schedules of the show’s major players. (Particularly Anderson who already has major roles in two currently running series: BBC’s The Fall and NBC’s Hannibal.) Duchovny also joked, “We’re all old, we don’t have the energy for a full season.”

Speaking about the lengthy hiatus between the end of Season 9 and this reboot, Carter told The Hollywood Reporter, “I think of it as a 13-year commercial break. The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

The show has had an undeniable cultural impact, having launched the career of Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan and influenced prolific show-runners like Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies, so its return will be greeted eagerly by its loyal fan base. But will the reboot address any of the lingering mythology questions left unanswered by the original series? And, given Carter’s evident commitment to the show’s strangeness, is it too much to hope that he’ll bring back fan-favorite writer Darin Morgan to help lean into the weird? The truth is out there, now it’s just a matter of waiting patiently.


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Posted On: March 01, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

I was able to get a hold of some final things to close out Mitch’s DALLAS section. The first is a promotional still with Mitch and the cast of the show, plus two stills from two episodes. This means this is the end of the DALLAS section. Unless something else comes up like a film to give an ending to the show or a two parter, then this is it. Sad to see the end of The Rylands. I adored Mitch and Judith Light (Judith Ryland) to bits. I really wish they’d done more with Emma (Emma Bell) but I guess there wasn’t much that could be done with her after what happened in Mexico. Ah well, here ya go.



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Posted On: February 19, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

I’ve added two sets of magazine scans to the gallery. Both articles are from Starlog magazine and come from 1996 and 1998 when Mitch was playing AD Walter Skinner on THE X-FILES. In both articles he talks about Skinner and his relationship to Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson). The 1998 article focuses in on the film THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE and Skinner’s evolution in terms of his help to Mulder and Scully. Mitch also talks lovingly about series creator Chris Carter and about his having no desire whatsoever to write or direct. That’s our Mitch. He also talks about Arlene and Sawyer and being a father for the first time. I’m in the process of getting both articles typed up and put in the press section. Until that time the HQ scans are there for you to click on to bring up and you can read them yourselves. Enjoy.



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Posted On: January 12, 2015 | Author: mitch pileggi online

Once again Mitch shows why he’s the master. I have his episode of BLUE BLOODS for you. He had a scant three scenes that I’m wondering was hardly worth the plane fare it took to get him there, or the hot pockets to keep him warm. His role was that of a man who as a young man shot a cop. Not very bright I think, however, the scene at the end where he’s confronted and he more or less gives the information the cops wanted and that Pileggi stare. Well, good to see. Loved the toque.


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Posted On: December 29, 2014 | Author: mitch pileggi online

I have some info on Mitch’s upcoming BLUE BLOODS guest starring role. His character’s name is Donald DeCarlo and the episode will air this week on CBS. More on the episode below.

New Blue Bloods Season 5,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Blue Bloods” episode 10 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “Sins Of The Father,” and it turns out that we’re going to see Frank get very passionate about gathering the evidence needed to put away the creep that shot one of Henry’s officers. Porn star murders get investigated, and more.

In the new, 10th episode press release: Frank will be determined to finally get the evidence he needs to prosecute the man who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. Press release number 2: Frank will push to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. In the meantime, Danny and Baez are going to investigate a string of murders involving adult film stars,

Guest stars feature: Mitch Pileggi (Donald DeCarlo), James Nuciforo (Jim Nuciforo), Michele Hicks (Cat Holloway)Daniel Jenkins (Jerry Phillips), Mariann Mayberry (Janice Philips), Hemky Madera (Ted Santiago), Veronica Reyes-How (Gloria Santiago), Alberto Rosende (Carlos Santiago), Susan Kelechi Watson (Det. Rhonda Buckley),Robin Morse (Phyllis Miller), Zachary Spicer (Det. Brent Miller),Jennifer Restivo (M.E. Laura Trent),Chris Lazzaro (Devane) and Mia Nuciforo (Mia).

Guest star list number 2: Michael Minarik (Jake Gayley), Nicholas Calhoun (Max Murdock), Staci-Lynn Charles (Morgan), Deborah Twiss (Sheila Gormley), Dave Bobb (Angry Man), Tiffany Hodges (Alana Robbins), Alice Schaerer (Mrs. Rubin) Andrea Boehlke (Toweled Girl), Dominique Huett (Sexy Female Plumber), Mlé Chester (Officer Anderson) and Angela Jeanneau (Employee).


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